1. Clean the nose pad area on glasses with warm soapy water to remove any existing residue.
    2. Carefully remove the Velmere from sheet.
    3. Align the straight side of the Velmere along the edge of the frame.
    4. Fold any excess material over the frame.

  • Want your Velmere to last even longer?
    Lightly dust loose setting powder over the Velmere to increase the longevity of the product. Skin type and environmental factors can affect product life.

  • Velmere Color Match Suggestions:

    Please utilize this graph as a reference to determine which color would best compliment your glasses.

  • Pro Tips:

    1. Cut Velmere with small brow scissors to customize the shape and contour of your glasses.
    2. Use multiple Velmere on glasses to maximize coverage.
    3. Mix and match sizes of Velmere on glasses to maximize coverage.
    4. Velmere are thoughtful gifts for friends and family.