What is ONAA?

In the Thai and Lao language, the word "on" means "soft".
The name ONAA was then crafted by blending the gentle essence of the word 'on' and the letter 'A', representing the founder's name, Anita.

ONAA is pronounced 'oh-NUH'.

ONAA Collective symbolizes a commitment to providing soft, approachable, and comfortable solutions.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Anita Thammasine, a Houston Native of Thai and Lao descent. With a passion for hairstyling, she strives to find the next innovative trends. Her love for makeup led her on a journey where she encountered a common struggle: makeup smudging due to wearing sunglasses. She refused to ruin her makeup, even if it meant enduring the glaring Texas sunlight without proper eye protection.

Frustration fueled innovation, and Anita took matters into her own hands. She created a game-changing solution: utilizing the Powder Puff to protect the nose area. Not only does she provide practical solutions, but also celebrates diversity, empowering individuals to feel confident in their own skin, no matter the circumstances.

Anita Thammasine -- a visionary entrepreneur, a cultural ambassador, and the creative force behind ONAA Collective.